About Health Revolve

The HealthRevolve™ Modules:

HealthRevolve™ is a centralized e-health records platform built to assist the Nigerian Health Sector. In response to one of the major needs of the Nigerian Health Sector, O Soft Integrated Resources Limited being a local ICT Firm with core understanding of the Nigerian environment built the HealthRevolve™.

HealthRevolve™ is a seamless system that keeps track of all patient’s medical records on a central platform with regards to payment for health services and management reporting.

1. Patient Registration

This applies to the registration module for new patients. That is, patients that do not have any record with the hospital before now.

2. Patient Consultancy Services

This applies to the module that handles patients meeting with physicians to make complaints and physicians recommendations to patient.

3. Electronic Laboratory/Radiology Test Results

The system is wired to take in test result values and form an electronic result that can be sent from one medium to the other for further processing of patient’s consultation. This module is highly interactable as it allows connectivity between device interfaces and the HealthRevolve™ solution.

4. Patient Medical History

This module lists all patients’ medical history. It highlights the ailment suffered, the physicians’ recommendations and the patient’s response to treatments at various points in time. This module can be made available to any third-party hospital or agency needing access to patients’ medical history but can only be authorized by the Domicile Hospital at will.

5. Patient Transaction History

This module handles the reports generated from patient’s transactions with the hospital. This transaction also covers payment and other transactions (investigations, acquisitions, etc.).

6. Coding and Indexing

This module allows tracking of investigations using the allocated coding as the standard coding and indexing requirements. This is highly usable for research purposes within and outside the hospital but it is restricted to an authorized access only.

8. Patient eWallet Account

This is a deposit account for patients to make advance payment to the Hospital and the system deducts per transaction until the wallet is empty or refunded.

7. Income Notes

This is a report module that calculates all the financial transaction between the patient and the hospital and displays daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly how much the Hospital has generated as income. This module is sensitive enough to handle refunds to patients in case of eventuality.

Health Revolve Module Contains

1. Patient Registration

2. Patient Consultancy Services:

3. Electronic Laboratory/Radiology Test Results:

4. Patient Medical History

5. Patient Transaction History

6. Coding and Indexing

7. Income Notes

8. Patient eWallet Account

9. Birth Registration

10. Death Registration

11. Store 1 (Pharmacy):

12. Store 2(Other Items

13. General Payment Report

14. Reporting

15. Device Interfacing API

Healthcare and Medical Solutions

We build healthcare infrastructure and consumer-facing technology solutions across,but not limited to, the following domains.


Digital Patient Experience

  • Applications synchronized with health tracking tools
  • Patient access to health records and resources via web or mobile.
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Interactive health education

Clinical and Health Management

  • Healthcare information exchange
  • Clinical content management
  • Health monitoring and diagnosis
  • Location tracking
  • ePrescribing, patient identification and medication tracking.

Medical Practice Management

  • Healthcare CRM
  • Healthcare supply chain management
  • Medical billing
  • Insurance claims management
  • Inventory and procurement